Aide à la Physique Chimie au Lycée

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Aide à la Physique Chimie au Lycée

carte heuristique

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Les 5 meilleurs logiciels  mind map  ( carte heuristique)
Freemind :
Freemind est gratuit, mutli-plateforme, multi-langue, stable.
Xmind :
xmind est visuellement plus abouti, et propose de nombreuses options supplémentaires.

DropMind :
MindManager : payant :( très bien

MindMeister :
MindMeister est un site web qui propose de créer des cartes en ligne.

iMindMap :  payant :(
On notera la présence de nouvelles images centrales comme l’import de cartes Freemind/MindManager.
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The Molecular Workbench (MW) software offers interactive

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The Molecular Workbench (MW) software offers interactive, visual simulations for teaching and learning science
Installation en local Molecular Workbench avec l'ensemble des animations : attention 79Mo
lien vers le site pour téléchargement


Double pendulum
Newton's Cradle
A mass hung on springs
Three masses linked by two springs
A block feeder
3D maze game box
Slider-crank mechanism
Pendulum, slider and spring
A suspended rope
A chain falling off a table
Weight balance on a pulley
A three-arm Geneva gear drive
A caterpillar track
Parallel gears
A water pump
A suspension bridge
The bean machine (Galton board)
Straight-line mechanisms
Drafting machine
Conservation of momentum
A stamping machine
A bike
Converting rotary motion into waves
An overshot water wheel
An undershot water wheel
A pump jack
Cycloid, hypocycloid and epicycloid
An inverted pendulum on an oscillatory base
A double inverted pendulum on an oscillatory base
The dainty walker
A crawler


Wave on a string

Fluid mechanics and dynamics

Archimedes' Principle of Buoyancy
Pascal's Principle
Pressure conveyance through fluids
Pouring liquid
Water flow when a dam collapses
Particle flow in a rotating drum mixer
Controling the flow in a box at your finger tip


Visualizing the electric field of an electric dipole
Visualizing the electric field of an electric quadrupole
Electric field distribution of a parallel-plate capacitor
Electrostatic interactions between a charged balloon and a wall
Electrostatic maze game
Charging your hair
Inverse electric dipole
Field effect transitor

Quantum physics

Junction field-effect transistor
Scan tunneling microscopy
Quantum mirage
Quantum corrals
Low-energy electron diffraction
Quantum motion in a magnetic field
An electronic star coupler
Quantum harmonic oscillator
Quantum transitions
Electron-nucleus interaction
Quantum tunneling (1D)
Quantum tunneling (2D)
Quantum dissipation and radiationless transitions
Electron diffraction through a single-slit pane
Electron diffraction through a double-slit pane
A particle in a rectangular container
A particle in a circular container
A particle in an elliptical container

Virtual experiment on gases
Brownian motion
Maxwell speed distribution law
Stereochemistry of ethane
Ion transport
Benzene trap and butane on gold surface
Motion of benzene molecules under van der Waals interactions
Motion of greenhouse gases
Loschmidt's Paradox
The barometric formula

States of matter

Gas laws
Comparison between gas and liquid
Comparison between liquid and solid
Intermolecular forces

Chemical bonds

Chemical bonding

Water and solution

Dissolving salt


How chemical reactions happen
Chemical reaction equilibrium
Homogenous catalysis
Materials science

Molecular crystals
Material strength: an impact experiment
Material strength: a free-fall experiment
Different phases of liquid crystals
Nailing down
STM tips
Nanotube on gold surface
The collision between a C60 molecule and a xenon atom
The collision between a C60 molecule and a neon cluster
Size segregation of particles on a vibrating base
Ripping a piece of duct tape from a surface
Atomic motion across a liquid-solid interface
Crack propagation and fracture

Nano applications

Water molecules moving through carbon nanotubes
Nanobud: a newly discovered material

Nano machinery

Nano differential gears
A hypothetical machine to operate at nanoscale
Molecular sorter
Nano conveyor belt
Molecular planetary gearsets

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