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VOPlot user interface has undergone a major revamp making it uncluttered, simpler to use and allowing greater flexibility to the end user. In addition to this, VOPlot now supports Multi-grid plots for 2D Scatter Plot, paginated view for seeing data in tabular format and variour other features. Please refer to change log for details.

VOPlot is a tool for visualizing astronomical data. VOPlot is developed in JAVA, and acts on data available in the VOTable format. VOPlot is available as a stand alone version, which is to be installed on the user's machine, or as a web-based version fully integrated with the VizieR database.

VOPlot uses Ptplot 5.7, a 2D data plotter and histogram tool implemented in Java. Ptplot has been developed at Electrical Engineering & Computer Science department at the University of California, Berkeley and is freely available under a BSD style license. VOPlot is developed as an applet, and a Java plug-in is required to view it in a browser.

VOPlot can be invoked by selecting the Plot (VOPlot) option while using VizieR.

VOPlot has been developed as a part of the Virtual Observatory - India initiative by Persistent Systems Ltd. (PSL) and the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics(IUCAA), in collaboration with Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS), Strasbourg and with support from the European AVO project. The collaboration between VO-I and CDS extends to several related projects. The VO-I project is supported by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Government of India.

The Web Based Version of VOPlot

VizieR, developed by Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg(CDS) provides access to the most complete library of published astronomical catalogues and data tables available on line, organized in a self-documented database. Query tools allow the user to select relevant data tables and to extract and format records matching given criteria. Specific care has been taken for optimizing access to some very large catalogues such as Guide Star Catalogs, the USNO-A2, 2MASS.

VOPlot is fully integrated with VizieR, and it allows the user to visualize data extracted from any of the catalogues from the database. Presently it can be used to display the distribution, as a histogram, of any data field, or to plot two data fields against each other. Simple transformations can be applied to the extracted data. The visualized portion can be just a dynamically selected subset of extracted data. Some simple statistical information about the selected data can be obtained.

Instructions for Incorporating VOPlot in a Web Application

Please click here for help on incorporating VOPlot in a web-based Application

Note: If you are intrested in plotting huge catalogues like Tycho and UCAC, you can try VOMegaPlot or VOMegaPlot Client Server tool.VOMegaPlot supports only a subset of VOPlot's features.


WebStart for latest stable version of VOPlot

WebStart for latest beta version of VOPlot

VOPlot for plotting VOTables


Download File


Released On

1.8 Beta
(requires java 6 or above)
VOPlot_UserGuide_1_8_beta 06 Mar 2012
(requires java 6 or above)
VOPlot_UserGuide_1_7 12 Sep 2011
1.6 Beta
(requires java 6 or above)
voplot1.5 beta new features guide 13 May 2011
1.5 voplot1.5 new features guide 11 May 2009
1.5 Beta voplot1.5 beta new features guide 22 May 2008
1.4 Beta voplot1.4.1 beta userguide 12 July 2007
1.4 voplot1.4 userguide 15 February 2007


voplot1.3.1 userguide

13 October 2006


voplot1.3 userguide

17 April 2006

1.2.1 (Source Code)

voplot1.2.1 userguide

07 May 2004


voplot1.2 userguide

09 Oct 2003


voplot1.1 userguide

18 July 2003


voplot1.0 userguide

31 Jan 2003

Change log for VOPlot3D is available

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Future Development

VOPlot is under continuous development, and versions to be released in the future will more sophisticated graphics, higher dimensional plots, advanced statistical functions.


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